Genre: Hard Rock | 6 Albums + Bonus | MP3 320 kbps | 980 MB


1979 Axe (Reborn Classics) 1992
Lifes Just An Illusion
Hang On
How Come I Love You
Back On The Streets
Doin The Best I Can
Youre Out Of Line

1980 -Living On The Edge (Reborn Classics) 1992
Living on the edge
Fantasy of love
First time, last time
Carry on
Running the gountlet
I cant help myself
Just walk away
Let me know
Save our love
For a little while
Midnight drives me mad

1982 Offering
Rock n Roll Party in the Streets
Video Inspiration
Steal Another Fantasy
I Got the Fire
Burn the City Down
Now or Never
Holdin On
Silent Soldiers
Holdin On (Live Bonus Track)
Running The Gauntlet (Live, Bonus Track)
Steal Another Fantasy (Live, Bonus Track)

1983 Nemesis
Heat in the Street
Young Hearts
All Through the Night
I Think Youll Remember Tonight
Shes Had the Power
Girls, Girls, Girls
Eagle Flies Alone
Keep Playing That Rock n Roll
Foolin Your Mama Again
Let the Music Come Back

1996 Five
Magic (In Our Eyes)
Heroes And Legends
Sting Of The Rain
Life In A Furnace
Burn Me Once (Burn Me Twice)
Where Theres Smoke (Theres Fire)
Holding On To The Night
Anyplace On This Highway

1999 The Crown
The Crown
Together We Fly (Together We Fall)
Fire And Water
Restless Angel
Childrens Memory
Good Times
Torturous Game
Sunshine Again (Marios Song)
Foolish Deception

Twenty Years (From Home 1977-1997). Volume I, II CBR 256 kbps
Volume I:
Running The Gauntlet (2:54)
Rock And Roll Party (4:34)
Burn The City Down (5:05)
Heat In The Street (2:49)
Now Or Never (4:20)
Lifes Just An Illusion (3:38)
Eagle Flies Alone (3:17)
Living On The Edge (3:03)
All Through The Night (3:01)
First Time, Last Time (3:56)
Forever (3:32)
Back On The Streets (4:10)

Volume II:
Let The Music Come Back
Hang On
Young Hearts
I Dont Want To Be Alone Tonight
Midnight Drives Me Mad
Steal Another Fantasy
Silent Soldiers
Holdin On
Dangerous Game
For A Little While