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The two albums included here were among the "pop intended" productions Decca put into the market in the mid-Fifties, in an attempt to sell Louis Armstrong to a wider audience. In fact, in addition to being a sal jazz figure both as a trumpeter and as a vocalist, Louis had always been a true pop artist. Having Joe Glaser as hisagent, Louis was also one of the few jazz musicians with the freedom to record for as many companies as he wished at the same .

During the same years in which Decca's Milt Gabler produced these pop LPs, Norman Granz made Louis record more straight ahead jazz albums with Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson, as well as the classic rendering of Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess" with Ella and an orchestra conducted by Russell Garcia. This said, it must be pointed out that Gabler was also responsible for recording Louis in one of the most satisfactory projects of his later years, a multi-LP set titled "A Musical Autobiography" (finished slightly before the first session for Louis and the Angels), on which Satch revisited old songs and blues he had recorded in the Twenties and Thirties and which he hadn't played for a long . In any case, despite being less jazz-oriented than the aforementioned items, "Louis and the Good Book" and "Louis and the Angels" (especially the former) also contain their gems.

As the original liner notes of "Louis and the Good Book" rightly point out, these were not Armstrong's first recordings of spiritual tunes. He had done some renderings of these songs in the Thirties, and he probably knew all of them since childhood as part of his cultural heritage.


01. Louis Armstrong - Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen (Remastered)

02. Louis Armstrong - Shadrack (Remastered)

03. Louis Armstrong - Go Down, Moses (Remastered)

04. Louis Armstrong - Rock My Soul (Remastered)

05. Louis Armstrong - Ezekiel Saw De Wheel (Remastered)

06. Louis Armstrong - On My Way (Remastered)

07. Louis Armstrong - Down By The Riverside (Remastered)

08. Louis Armstrong - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Remastered)

09. Louis Armstrong - Somes I Feel Like A Motherless Child (Remastered)

10. Louis Armstrong - Jonah And The Whale (Remastered)

11. Louis Armstrong - Didn't It Rain? (Remastered)

12. Louis Armstrong - This Train (Remastered)

13. Louis Armstrong - Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat (Remastered)

14. Louis Armstrong - That's What The Man Said (Remastered)

15. Louis Armstrong - Shadrack (Single Version Remastered)

16. Louis Armstrong - Going To Shout All Over God's Heaven (Remastered)

17. Louis Armstrong - Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen (Single Version Remastered)

18. Louis Armstrong - Jonah And The Whale (Single Version Remastered)

19. Louis Armstrong - Elder Eatmore's Sermon On Throwing Stones (Remastered)

20. Louis Armstrong - Elder Eatmore's Sermon On Generosity (Remastered)

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